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Mediation Requires Constant Growth

Civil mediation services are an alternative to litigation in disputes between parties, usually involving a neutral third party who helps the two sides resolve their conflict. This service can be provided by lawyers or non-lawyers who are trained as mediators. One of the advantages of mediation is that it often can be completed faster than litigation, which can take many months or years, depending on the particular case. 

Because time is money for both individual litigants and large corporations alike, mediation has become more popular over the past few decades. But what do you need to know about lawyers who suggest mediation? While it’s not common practice for every lawyer, some will take the liberty of asking you to try it before moving forward in your case. Here at Schuering Mediation, we want our clients to be fully aware of the influence of mediation law and how it can act as a force multiplier for their case.

For those who tune into “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV, there is a lot to be said about the lessons it instills for its viewers. The show brings a unique perspective on looking out for the best interest of your clients. The characters in the show display the fundamental characteristics of compassion, empathy, kindness, and even some levity to humanize the subject matter, so that it’s easier for the audience to digest, and more importantly, strongly suggesting that lawyers need to exude these qualities with their clients at all times. Mediation is an embodiment of these qualities and if executed properly, it will have a lasting impact for the parties who are involved. Let’s take a closer look at the lessons “Ted Lasso” teaches the audience:

  • Lesson’s On Civility: The tagline in season 2 is “Kindness Is Making A Comeback”. If this isn’t a profound lesson for lawyers, then we aren’t sure what is. JFK phrased it eloquently: “Civility is not a sign of weakness.” It can be very easy to lose sight of civility, this is especially true when incivility is allowed to fester from the other side. Lawyers are supposed to advocate for their clients in a professional manner, and it can be arduous to keep your cool if the other side isn’t adhering to these standards. It’s not about agreeing with the other legal team, the key is how you react to the uncivil conduct.
  • Lesson’s On Mentoring: The field of law and mediation law is not easy to navigate, but no one ever said that you need to embark on this journey all alone. For perspective-there are 95,000 registered attorneys in the state of Illinois. So it’s safe to say, there are a lot of mentors to choose from and they are more than happy to impart knowledge in helping you grow. For more information on finding a mentor or mentee you can click here.
  • Lesson’s On Pushing Yourself: Lawyers have to make tough decisions, but these decisions can be in their best interest and for their clients. According to The Preamble to the Illinois Model Rules of Professional Conduct, a lawyer needs to attain or strive to achieve the highest level of skill. This, in turn, improves the law and legal profession and makes their contribution greater in the public sphere. The lessons on pushing yourself throughout “Ted Lasso” are all about getting out of your comfort zone. The field of mediation law is not supposed to be easy, but this is what makes the experience much more exhilarating in the long-term.

Schuering Civil Mediation Services

Private mediation services require constant growth and consideration. It’s not enough to simply know the law–the fact that an alternative dispute resolution was sought out means that there is room to truly create a fair outcome between two parties willing to work it out. It is the thought of helping people come to an amenable conclusion in their affairs which continues to give Schuering Mediation a passion for the field and its evolution.

If you’re interested in learning more about civil mediation services, Judge Mark Schuering (Ret) is ready to assist you with your civil cases. With over 11 years of experience servicing Central Illinois, Metro St. Louis, and Western Missouri, respectively. To learn more about the process, contact us today to better understand the process!

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