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From my experience mediating and my years on the bench I have found that pursuing a resolution of disputes outside of the courtroom removes uncertainty, reduces the costs of litigation and gives clients peace-of-mind and closure.

Voluntary mediation can be opportune when conducted:  (a) pre-suit; (b) after a lawsuit has been filed; (c) prior to trial.

It has been especially rewarding to have worked with many attorneys over the past five years.  I have enjoyed traveling throughout Central Illinois and the Metro Saint Louis area conducting scores of mediations.

If you or your clients prefer a defined mediation expense, (versus an hourly rate), you now have the option of requesting a quote for a fixed-cost mediation.  My hourly rate has not changed, and is $200 per hour.  Fixed-cost mediation pricing is sometimes the best option for tumultuous LM or Small Claims cases.

My training and certification as a mediator at the National Judicial College, as well as 24 years of experience as a trial judge, plus over 5 years privately mediating cases, continues to benefit the attorneys and parties who utilize my services.

Attorneys and their clients may be certain I will continue to provide quality, economical, and trustworthy mediation services.  

Thank you.


Judge Schuering
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